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Teacher Cards

Teacher Card Borrowing Privileges

Items have a 42-day borrowing period as opposed to 28 days for a regular patron
card. No item renewals.

  • All overdue fines are waived
  • Possession of Patron Card not required
  • NO Interlibrary Loan Privileges

Responsibility of Teacher Card Holder

  • Items borrowed on Teacher Card should be for classroom use only.
  • Notices will be sent to cardholder’s home address for any items two
    weeks overdue.
  • Teacher Card holders accept financial responsibility for lost or damaged
  • Notices of replacement cost for lost or damaged items will be mailed to
    the cardholder’s home address by January 2nd and/or June 1st of the year of Teacher
    Card expiration.
  • If 5 or more items are overdue on the card, the card will be suspended until the items are returned or paid for.
  • Total of more then 3 “Claimed Returned” items will result
    in the suspension of Teacher Card privileges. (Claimed Returned items are
    those the teacher believes have been returned to the library.)

Teacher Cards expire yearly on June 1 and must be renewed. To renew, visit
the library for a Teacher Card Application Form or use online form on our website. Online form must be generated on your school email address.

Specific Guidelines for Teacher Card Holders

  • Only 5 dvds may be checked out at one time (for classroom use)
  • Only 5 new books from the new book shelf may be checked out at one time
  • Only 5 current Young Hoosier Book Award nominees may be checked out at one time
  • Educators may not take all circulating items for one subject area at one time.

Acquiring a Teacher Card

Present a valid form of identification. Examples are…

  • Current Indiana Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Military I.D.
  • Current Passport
  • Credit card
  • Student I.D. with photograph

Provide verification for current address. Examples are…

  • Current Indiana Driver’s License
  • Mail with current address.
  • Check with address and name printed on it from local bank.

Provide verification of employment. Examples are…

  • Paycheck stub
  • School I.D.
  • Bank statement verifying automatic deposit
  • Letter of verification by school administrator or some other form of correspondence
    with school letterhead.
  • Home School Educators need to present proof of Montgomery County Address
    at time of application and card issuance.

With Pre-existing Patron Card

Pre-existing fine on Patron Card of more than $3.00 will prevent issuance of
Teacher Card. Balance on Patron Card must be less than $3.00 before acquiring
a Teacher Card.

Getting Class Collections

Fill out the classroom collection request below. For special classroom collection
requests, call or e-mail:

Phone: (765) 362-2242 ext. 115

Teacher Card Application
* indicates required field
Note: Your password is confidential (along with your card's barcode number) and is needed to view your patron account online.
Classroom collection request: Complete the following if you would like a collection. City schools get monthly collections; county schools get collections four times a year (Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar.).