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Wireless Printing

You can print to the Reference/Local History Department copier using a mobile device or a laptop from anywhere in our building.

Using a Mobile Device

If you have an iPhone/iPad or an Android device, you can download a free app called PageScope Mobile to print PDF, TIFF, XPS, JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF files. PageScope Mobile on iTunes | PageScope Mobile on Google Play

These instructions are for a typical iPhone installation.

  1. Before you can print, you need to configure the PageScope Mobile app. After you install and start the app, choose Select Printer (in the lower right) in order to add our copier to your list of printers.
  2. On the Select Printer screen, choose Add Printer.
  3. On the Add Printer screen, you need to select Manual. In the field that says “IP address or DNS name,” type in this address: and then choose Add.
  4. When you need to choose a printer in the future, the copier will be on your list of printers as “KONICA MINOLTA bizhub C280.”

Note: You must be on the library’s wireless network in order to print; you cannot print via 3G/4G.

That’s it! You can now use your app to print to the Reference/Local History Department copier. See your PageScope help files for more details on how to print.

Regular costs still apply: 10 cents for black, 25 cents for color copies. Please pick up your copies at the copier and pay at the Reference Desk.

Using a Laptop

If you have a laptop that you use to connect to our wireless network, you can print any type of file on the Reference/Local History Department’s copier as long as you have the correct printer driver installed on your laptop.

You first need to download the printer driver (software) for your particular type of device. Go to the Konica Minolta Business Solutions Support & Downloads page ( and click USA in the Drivwer Download section.

On the Self-Help Product Support page, choose Color Multifuntion Printers from the Category drop-down menu. Then choose bizhub C280 from the Select a product drop-down menu. Then you can choose Drivers from the Type menu, and your computer’s operating system from the OS menu.

Look for the PCL driver among the several types of drivers that are offered and download the most recent version.

Windows, Mac, and Linux computers all differ in how the printer driver is installed. If you have any questions, we may be able to help you at the Reference Desk, so don’t hesitate to ask. The following are instructions for getting a Windows computer ready to print to the Reference/Local History copier:

  1. After you extract and double-click the downloaded installation file, accept the End User License Agreement by clicking AGREE.
  2. If this is your first time installing this driver, you should not have to change anything on the “Select menu to setup” screen. Click Next to continue.
  3. The software will first try to search for the printer on the network when you are on the “Select Printer/MFP to Install” screen.
  4. When it can’t find it (and it won’t!), you can then select the radio button “Specify the Printer/MFP Except for the Above.” Then click theRefer to… button.
  5. In the “Manual Selection” dialogue box that pops up, select the radio button “IPv4.IPv6 Address/IP Host Name.” In the field next to it, type in this number: and then click OK.
  6. You are then returned to the “Select Printer/MFP to Install” screen where you will see the number you just typed in the appropriate field. Click the Next button.
  7. On the “Confirm Installation Settings” screen, click Install.
  8. The printer driver for the copier will be installed as soon as you click Finish. Notice, however, that the software may install an additional driver besides the PCL driver although you did not choose it in the download. You can just ignore this driver or delete it later. You can also rename the printer at this point if you don’t want it to be called “KONICA MINOLTA bizhub C280.” The Reference/Local History Department copier will be in your list of printers, and you can use it when you have your laptop in the library and are on the wireless network.

Regular costs still apply: 10 cents for black, 25 cents for color copies. Please pick up your copies at the copier and pay at the Reference Desk.