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CHS Talking Book record

Crawfordsville High School Talking Books: The 1959 and the 1960 Crawfordsville High School Athenian yearbooks both included a record on which was recorded memories of the school year. Listen to the past!

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A sampling of Montgomery County schools from the CDPL archives

Crawfordsville High School’s First Marching Band, 1918-1919, Leslie Lyons Director, William Moon, Drum Major; Front row drums: Floyd McGath, Morris Coons, Sam Rowland, Joe Egan; Second row: William Moon Drum Major, Baritones: John Rosser, Charles Elkins, Rovene Clark, Clarence Newkirk; Third Row Trombones: Eddie Adair, Hugh Dinwiddie, Hubert Williams, Carl Schlemmer; Fourth Row Clarinets: Kenneth Breaks, Frank Lee, Paul Carver, Harold Armantrout; Cornets: Alfred Gillis, Paul Morrison, Wayne Hamilton, Troy Snyder; Saxophone: George Bowers. This picture was taken outside the Crawfordsville Carnegie Library on the corner of Washington Street and Wabash Avenue.


A sixth grade class at the old Caleb Mills School (Crawfordsville) is shown. The photograph was taken on January 1, 1935, and all the children are unidentified. Many of the children graduated from Crawfordsville High School in the Class of 1941 (this photograph was found in a scrapbook for the 1941 Class of Crawfordsville High School).


This photograph of the Laura G. Hose Elementary School was found in the Hose Parent-Teacher Association’s 1959-1960 scrapbook. It appears to have been cut out of a yearbook.


A group of twelve girls (foreground) standing outside the Willson School (background). They were members of the girl’s field hockey team for the Willson School (in 1917). Some of the girls in the picture are identified. They include: Lois Southerd (married Ernest Yourgen, first from left), Mary Bowers (third from right), Mary Iliff (fourth from left), Mary E. Hill (married Irwin Calep, fourth from right), and Eliz Matorney (second from right). Willson school was built in 1897, and it was located on East Wabash Avenue in Crawfordsville.


This picture shows the pupils who attended the Smartsburg one-room schoolhouse from 1895-1896. This picture was taken on October 16, 1895. The teacher, Mollie B. Hoover, is seated in the center of the middle row. The inscription on the back says “To Goldie.”


The Ladoga East School building (the town’s elementary school) is pictured in winter. This photograph was taken around 1910.


1942 New Market Girls’ Glee Club” members are posed outside the New Market High School building. The girls were: Betty Newlin, Betty Wendell, Anita Larrick, Jerry Bollman, Margaret W… (rest of name illegible), Dorotha (or Dorothy) Etterk, Barbara Sayler, Miss Elmore, Joan Hallert, Betsy Connor, ? Dicker, Bonnie Stuart, Alice Munns, Wildarene Enoch, Anna Ruth Stewart, ? Weaver, Francis Wheeler, Lois Long, Juanita Largent, ? Jones, Marima Busenbark, Marjorie Lowe, Ivan Steele, ? Wheeler, Linda Syne, Betty Hessler, Jayce Runes, ? Fairfield, and Marguma Swearingen.


Waynetown High School, January 12, 1911 — Mrs. Charles Humphreys, Hillsboro, Indiana (also mentioned is Miss Hazel McElwee). This picture shows the students who attended Waynetown High School from 1910-1911.


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