Montgomery County "WOW" Gallery

The Montgomery County WOW Gallery serves as a "Hall of Fame" for people, places, and things from Montgomery County.

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Maurine Watkins
Maurine Watkins, journalist and playwright, is best known for her play "Chicago," which was also filmed several times, most recently as a musical in 2002.

Dick van Dyke
One of America's most beloved comedians spent a year in Crawfordsville as a young boy. He lived near Wabash College and attended middle school in Crawfordsville during the 1939-1940 school year.

Will Shortz
The study of puzzles (enigmatology) became Will Shortz's fascination and what keeps him going as the crossword puzzle editor forĀ The New York Times.

Joe Allen
Meet a local boy who became a NASA scientist and astronaut.

Wilbur and Sydney De Paris
The brothers Wilbur and Sydney De Paris left Crawfordsville soon after graduating from Crawfordsville High School -- and their jazz careers led them all over the world with some of the best musicians in the business.