"Athens" Gallery: Wabash College


The Crawfordsville District Public Library Local History Archives has an extensive collection of Wabash artifacts that may interest you. View all documents and images of Wabash College in the CDPL Local History collection.

Wabash Talking Record

The 1954 Wabash

The 1954 Wabash -- The 1953-54 school year at Wabash saw many changes: Chapel became compulsory two times a week, the campus center (Sparks) and dormitories were completed, talk of a new library began...and the Scarlet Inn still wanted to sell coffee at 5 cents a cup. Listen to Stan Huntsman, MVP of the Monon Bell game (Wabash won!) as well as to live recordings of Old Wabash and Alma Mater. Narrated by Robert Behrens. (5.75MB, 6m17s)

Caleb Mills
Caleb Mills was the first faculty member of Wabash College (1833) and served until his death in 1880. Mills is known for helping to create the public education system of Indiana. Read some addresses of Caleb Mills on the Internet Archive.

Joseph F. Tuttle
Joseph Tuttle became the 3rd president of Wabash College in 1862 and served in this position for 30 years. Read some addresses of Joseph Tuttle on the Internet Archive.