History Gallery: Early History

Land patents

Have you ever seen a land patent? Early settlers to this county bought land in the 1830s, which was duly recorded for posterity.

Land patent no 18923 for Isaac Cumpston of Henhaway County, Virginia. 17 Oct 1834. Signed by Andrew Jackson. Recorded Vol 39 pg 130.Certificate left in old Montgomery home (near Linden), now Lafoon Residence, 1990.

13390 William J Henderson, of Montgomery County, Indiana purchasing land through land office of Fort Des Moines. 1 Dec 1855. --Recorded Vol 33 page 453. Franklin Pierce.

34002 Joseph McGinnis, of Putnam County, Ind. 10 May 1848. --Recorded Vol 69, page 200. James K Polk.

Here you can see all the images of the land patents stored in the archives of the library.