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Dwight and Doris Williams

Dwight Williams Doris Williams

Interviewed 1991
Dwight Williams was born August 29, 1908, at Crawfordsville. He graduated from Crawfordsville High School in 1926 and from Wabash College in 1930. Mr. Williams opened the first Sears store in Crawfordsville in 1936. He enlisted in the Navy on March 20, 1942, and served as the Chief Petty Officer aboard the ship LSM 173 during the Okinawa campaign. Dwight married Doris Carver on June 1, 1941. Doris was born October 19, 1910, and was a 1930 graduate of Crawfordsville High School. During the war, Doris worked for the Selective Service; she recalled actor Stephen Crane stopping by to notify the Selective Service of his new address in Hollywood.