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Local History Media: Records

Wabash College

The 1954 Wabash

The 1954 Wabash -- The 1953-54 school year at Wabash saw many changes: Chapel became compulsory two times a week, the campus center (Sparks) and dormitories were completed, talk of a new library began...and the Scarlet Inn still wanted to sell coffee at 5 cents a cup. Listen to Stan Huntsman, MVP of the Monon Bell game (Wabash won!) as well as to live recordings of Old Wabash and Alma Mater. Narrated by Robert Behrens. (5.75MB, 6m17s)

Crawfordsville High School

The 1959 and the 1960 Crawfordsville High School Athenian yearbooks both included a record on which was recorded memories of the school year. Each side is about seven-minutes long and contains interviews, music, live announcements, and more. Take a step back in time and listen to these long-forgotten recordings! Sometimes the quality is a little poor -- but often a voice from the past will come through as if it were recorded just yesterday.

CHS record 1959

CHS "Talking Page" 1958-59: side 1 -- Hear the announcement of the homecoming queen along with an interview of football coach Jerry Huntsman. Find out about the CHS singing groups and the band. Don't forget about the basketball games and expecially the post-game mixers. (6.46MB, 7m3s)

CHS "Talking Page" 1958-59: side 2 -- Dick Baumgartner talks about his basketball team. Hear also about the concert choir and the prom. Want to know the results of the Senior Class Poll? Also a few words on commencement and a farewell to the school year. (6.23MB, 6m48s)

CHS record 1960

CHS "Talking Page" 1959-1960: side 1-- And the homecoming queen for 1959 is...(you need to listen). Football had a great year with the team going 7-2-1, the best record in 25 years. And hear a great interview from a young Japanese Fulbright scholar who spent the year at CHS. What did he think of his time here? (6.32MB, 6m54s)

CHS "Talking Page" 1959-1960: side 2 -- The jazz band performs for us, and the April 1960 theatrical program "Guys & Dolls" was a highlight of the school year. Listen to the principal's address -- as well as everyone's well wishes for those who just spent their last six years at CHS! (5.99MB, 6m32s)