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Detchon Family History

Letter page 1

My Dear Sweet Esther, I was so glad to receive your telegram saying you arrived all right and was "feeling fine." If you had continued to be sick I intended to go to New York with you but you seemed so well thought Uncle Jay and Aunt Celia could put you aboard in care of Miss Dennis and perhaps I could not be of much assistance. I know Miss D. will take good care of you. I am wishing you a safe

Letter page 2

and delightful voyage, and hope you will greatly enjoy the entire trip. I have just returned from Detroit, where I met Uncle Seymour and had a nice visit with him. We went to see Philadelphia play Detroit Base Ball. It was a great game. Eleven innings Detroit won-you may know that Philadelphias are the world champions. Ty Cob was in the game with Detroit. We tried out the new wheels and look like a perfect success. Are going to organize companies to work France and England soon as can. Had a good rain at home. Mama said she wrote

Letter page 3

you yesterday so you have all the home news. Dearie I will be awfully lonesome while you are away, but shall rejoice that you are having a good time seeing the world. Whether you are on land or sea always remember that I love you better than my own life and that you are dearer to me than all things else in the world.
Again wishing a happy joyous tour. I am as always