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eBook FAQs



What is an eBook?
An eBook is an electronic book that you read on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Do I have to pay for eBooks?
CDPL’s eBook service is free to any patron with a valid Crawfordsville District Public Library card. OverDrive is our newest ebook resource.

How many eBooks can I check out?

You can have up to 10 OverDrive items checked out at one time. You may also have up to 10 hold items and 5,000 items on your Wish List.

How do I return an eBook?
You do not need to worry about returning eBooks by a due date. They will automatically expire from your account at the end of the lending period. Although you can return the book early, the lending periods for ebooks is 14 days, audiobooks is 14 days, and videos are 7 days.

How do I search for an eBook?

Go to our OverDrive website or download the app on your Device and find the search box usually marked by a magnifying glass image.

Can I put an eBook on hold?
Yes. If an eBook is currently checked out you can place a hold by clicking the Place on Hold button and entering your ¬†email address twice. You will receive an email when the eBook is available. You have three days after you are notified of the eBook’s availability to check it out.

What is the Wishlist?
You can add eBooks to your Wishlist to help keep track of titles you are interested in. Putting an eBook in the Wishlist does not place a hold on that item or check it out.

How do I see everything I have checked out?
Go to the My account link on the right hand side of your browser window. It has a drop down menu and Loans will be listed.

How long can I keep an eBook I’ve checked out?
The lending periods for ebooks is 14 days, audiobooks is 14 days, and videos are 7 days.

Can I renew an eBook?
You cannot renew an eBook, but you can check them out again after they are returned, if they are available.

Are there late fees?
Since your eBook automatically returns when the lending period expires, your eBooks will never be late and you will not be charged late fees.

Can I lend eBooks to someone else?


Can I download eBooks to the library’s public computers?

Yes or you can read them in the computer’s browser.

Why doesn’t the library have the title I want?
Unlike an individual, libraries cannot buy eBooks from retail stores. We must purchase eBooks from publishers that have specific digital content licensing policies. Some major publishers charge prohibitively, while some do not offer their eBook collections to libraries at all.

Who can I contact for more questions?
For additional help, email us at or call (765) 362-2242 during regular library hours.