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Meeting Rooms

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The Crawfordsville District Public Library Board of Trustees welcomes the use of its meeting rooms by responsible organizations. Rooms are provided to accomplish the mission of the Library. Our mission is to provide collections, services, and programs that encourage the love of reading and learning in our community. The Board reserves the right to review and/or deny any request for use of meeting rooms.

All meeting rooms are on the lower level. Which one fits your needs? Click an image for a larger view.

Donnelley Room

Donnelley Room: 1,260 sq ft
capacity: 58 with chairs/tables
access to catering kitchen

Meeting Room B

Meeting Room B: 720 sq ft
capacity: 38 with chairs/tables
access to catering kitchen

Meeting Room C

Meeting Room C: 720 sq ft
capacity: 30 with chairs/tables
no access to catering kitchen


Classroom D: 918 sq ft
capacity: 32 with chairs/tables
no access to catering kitchen

Conference Room

Conference Room: 450 sq ft
capacity: 9 chairs
no food or drink allowed in this room

Meeting Rooms can be combined:

Donnelley Room + Meeting Room B

Donnelley Room + Meeting Room B + Meeting Room C

Meeting Room B + Meeting Room C

Meeting Room Policies


Non-Profit and Governmental Agencies

  • No Charge for use of room
  • $25 charge if Library is to set up room prior to meeting
  • $25 charge for food, including snacks
  • $25 charge if group fails to leave by closing time

Commercial & Personal Celebration Use

  • $25 fee per room
  • $25 fee per room for Library to set up room
  • $25 charge for food, including snacks
  • $25 charge if group fails to leave by closing time

Fees will be refunded if cancellation is received at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time

Library Sponsored Events are exempt from Room Charges.

Disclaimer: The fact that an organization is permitted to meet at the library does not constitute an endorsement of the organization’s beliefs by the library, its staff, or Trustees.


  • Groups using the meeting rooms will be required to abide by the rules governing the use of the library and meeting rooms. Failure to comply may result in your being asked to leave and cancellation of further use of library facilities. One must be at least 18 to reserve a room. An adult must supervise all meetings. Groups must accept responsibility and agree to pay the library for any damages to the room and/or equipment which may occur during use of the meeting rooms. Decorations are not to be placed on walls or suspended from ceiling. Litter must be picked up and the room left as it was found.
  • Food may be served in all meeting rooms (except for the Conference Room and second-level study rooms) for a $25 fee. Covered drinks are acceptable in the basement and designated areas on the first and second floors. Designated areas include the Reading Room on the first floor and around the perimeter of the second floor. No food or drinks near any equipment or in the Youth Services area.
  • No admission fees or donations of money or other property may be solicited or collected from the audience. No promotions or sales of services, products, merchandise, materials or other items are allowed. The only exception is for library sponsored programs or events on behalf of the Library, Friends of the Library, or Museum.
  • No meeting shall cause undue interference with the operation of the library. Meetings shall not conflict with library sponsored programs and in the event of such conflict, the library program shall receive priority.  The hallway is NOT included in room rental.
  • Library personnel have free access to enter any meeting room at any time. The library board has vested in library personnel the authority to supervise meeting room use and to interpret policy; however, final authority rests with the Library Board of Trustees.


Reservations are accepted through our online reservation system after you agree to our meeting room terms of use.  Meetings may be scheduled on a one-time or on-going basis. On-going reservations may be made up to six (6) months at a time. Meetings must be held during the regular hours of the library. In rare instances, the library may cancel reservations, refunding any fees and rescheduling, if the room is needed for a library-sponsored or emergency event.

Please call (765-362-2242 ext 109) or log in to your account to check on your reservation if you have not received confirmation within 48 hours after a form is submitted.


The catering kitchen is adjacent to the Donnelley Room and meeting room “B”.  The catering kitchen includes range top, oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink and refrigerator. Light refreshments may be served in other rooms except the Conference Room and the second-level Tutoring Rooms. A coffeepot and punchbowl are available upon request. The Library does not provide utensils or consumable items such as cups, plates, napkins, coffee, etc. Battery-powered candles acceptable, no open flame allowed. No alcohol in the library.


Audiovisual equipment is available for use in meeting rooms. The equipment should be reserved when making the room reservations. Rooms are equipped with wireless connections to the Internet through the library’s portal.

Meeting room policy revised June 11, 2013.

Meeting Rooms floorplan